Who's Behind Lightroom for Humans?

That would be me. I'm Marilou Jaen (pronounced jah-en, where 'jah' is how a Bostonian says 'jar'). I spent 15 years of my life as a computer programmer. In that time, I learned that it was fairly rare to have a programmer who could think and speak like the people who would actually be using their applications. I was often brought on as the translator between the 'human' people and the programmers or, as I call them, the robots. And translate is what I aim to do for you here.

I don't profess to be all-knowing or the master of all that is Lightroom. I know a good amount. And I know that how I use it works. I think in life all things are about balance. Yes, it would be great to be a perfect photographer and a perfect editor, but I want to spend my time living. I'm okay if my photos are a 9 out of 10. (That's still an 'A' and frees up a heck of a lot of time to get on with living and shooting!)

My goal is to get you enjoying your photography. It should be fun. It should capture your life and your loves. It should make you happy. It should be on your walls. It should not be stressing you out.

Oh, and if you aren't in the Lightroom for Humans Facebook group,
you're missing half the fun!

They Like Me. They REALLY Like Me.