Hi! This is Lightroom for Humans.

I am so freaking glad you're here. (I made this place for you.)

What It's About

Like many computer applications, Lightroom seems to have been written by robots - for robots. I am here to translate. The purpose of this blog and these tutorials is to help you tap into the power of Lightroom so you can get your photography off the computer and into your world - printed in books, hung up on walls, transformed into art, filling digital frames... or simply shared with family online. Whatever you want to do with them. Because photography should be fun, not stressful.

LR Consults

Lightroom video chats mean individualized learning, for even the least technical humans.
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Byte-Size Tutorials

At 20 minutes or less, they're just enough to get your juices flowin' (without freaking you out).


PDF + video tutorials. Organized and written exclusively for humans.

The Blog

Get new ideas. Learn about Lightroom. Enjoy your photographs again.
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They like me. They REALLY like me.

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